John Curtis wins Provo mayoral primary, Chris Nichols wins Orem



Mayor John Curtis pocketed 84 percent of the votes during Tuesday’s mayoral primary election. Curtis will face Jason Christensen, who earned nearly 7 percent of the primary vote, in November.

Provo Mayor John Curtis won Tuesday's municipal primary in a landslide. (Photo by Chris Bunker)
Provo Mayor John Curtis won Tuesday’s municipal primary in a landslide. (Photo by Chris Bunker)

Curtis is the heavy favorite heading into the fall, having garnered wide popularity for the revitalization of downtown and the city’s exclusive deal with Google Fiber.

“Some days I’m driving to work and I think to myself, ‘I must be absolutely dreaming,'” Curtis told The Universe in June. “The sequence of events that has taken place in the last four years in Provo, and the opportunity to be a part of that — it can’t be real. It’s too good to be true.”


Candidate Chris Nichols received about 44 percent of the votes during Orem’s mayoral primary, establishing himself as the favorite to become Orem’s next mayor. Richard Brunst, who earned about 28 percent, will challenge Nichols in November.

“There’s a lot more right than wrong here in Orem,” Nichols told The Universe earlier this month. “Other candidates paint our city in a poor light. Look at Governor Gary Herbert; he’s a cheerleader for the state of Utah, attracting businesses and companies. We need a mayor who is a cheerleader to attract the same to Orem.”


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