Cougar Questions: If you could learn one random skill, what would it be?


College is a time for learning new skills, both inside and outside of the classroom. No matter how hard classes get, students should make time to learn new skills. Students around campus shared the one skill they would like to learn if they had the time.

“To juggle. I’m just not very coordinated, and I think it would be really cool.” — Katie Hollingsworth, junior, English, Las Vegas

“To surf. I think that would be really cool.” — Peter Woodward, senior, physiology and developmental biology, Phoenix

“I would really like to learn how to rock climb, on a real rock. I already know how to repel, but I’ve never been able to climb up a rock face.” — Jonathan Wilkinson, sophomore, properties management, Mapleton

“Fly fishing because it’s random and not that many people talk about fly fishing. I think that’d be cool, if that was my thing.”  — Lauren Meese, senior, family studies, Phoenix

“It would be surfing. It’d be fun to learn and it’s a new skill. It’s kind of hard to do out here, but it would be unique.” — Matt Jones, freshman, neuroscience, Flint, Mich.

“I’d like to learn how to ski. I’ve never skied. My father’s from California and I grew up in Hawaii, so I’m a scuba diver.” — Zach Largey, English writing instructor, Provo

“Scuba diving. That would be cool.” — Melia Spear, freshman, nursing, Cedar Hills

“Cooking. I don’t know how to cook.” — Carlos Felt, freshman, graphic design, Alpine

“I want to tap dance. I think it looks cool and sounds cool.” — Jana Wilhite, freshman, economics, Heber, Utah

“I would probably be something outdoorsy, like how to fly fish. I went deep sea fishing one time, and i was super good at it. I’d like to go fly fishing because I think that’s how you salmon fish during a certain season, and I really like salmon.” — Hannah Knight, freshman, mechanical engineering, Mesa, Ariz.

“Sing because I love music and I sing all the time, I just don’t sound very good. Guys who hold the priesthood want girls who sound like angels.” — Courtney Kinneard, freshman, journalism, Mesa, Ariz.

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