My week on YouTube


A self-proclaimed YouTube junkie, opinion editor Anna Wendt brings you her favorite videos from the past week.


The brainchild of Canadian YouTuber Corey Vidal and native Idahoan daily vlogger “ShayCarl” Butler, the trailer for “Vlogumentary” premiered at the annual VidCon on Aug. 4 in Anaheim, Calif.

The documentary examines the lives of some of YouTube’s most prolific content creators and vloggers. “Main characters” include the Shaytards; Charles and Alli Trippy; DailyGrace; Jesse and Jeana of PrankvsPrank; and John and Hank Green, the vlogbrothers.

I watch more YouTube than anything else these days so I’m thrilled to see what Vidal and Butler have done with these stories. As a member of the YouTube community since 2008, I’ve been following some of the creators since their humble beginnings.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes YouTube such a fascinating place or wanted to better understand what it means to vlog, check out the “Vlogumentary” trailer.

Longboarding Adventure

Devin Graham, known to the Interwebz as Devinsupertramp,  uploaded yet another exhilarating and slightly terrifying video. Most of you are probably familiar with Graham’s exploits in Southern Utah, creating an epic rope swing using one of the beautiful red rock arches.

As someone who has been longboarding for over three years now, I consider this video one of my new favorites. While I don’t go careening down mountains, a video like this one makes me want to work up to such a thing. Though it might not have the allure of the insane like the video of the rope swing with a 300 foot drop in a canyon, just watching gets your blood pumping.

The beauty of this video is in the simplicity of it all. He lets the footage speak for itself. He brings the extreme to all of us in the comfort of our own homes. Graham’s content awes, inspires and freaks people out on a regular basis. So, basically, it’s YouTube in its purest form. Check out all of Grahams videos at

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