Weekly 5: Inexpensive date ideas


Dating can be fun without being pricey. With the beautiful weather outside and summer at its peak, there are plenty of date ideas to be enjoyed for close to no cost at all.

1. Ride the canyon and tell ghost stories.

Grab your bike, longboard or roller-skates and ride through Provo Canyon. Park one car at the bottom of the canyon and take the other to the top. The trail isn’t too steep, and there are designated sides for walkers and riders. Be sure to take a flashlight and go up at night to have a cooler ride.

When you get to the bottom or as you pass a park, stop and tell ghost stories. “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” by Alvin Schwartz is a class that is sure to give you and your date goosebumps.

2. Hike Stewart Falls and pack a picnic.

Summer offers up the best fruits and veggies, so pack a light lunch of fresh food and head up Stewart Falls for a beautiful view. The hike isn’t very hard and the trail is easy to follow, allowing all levels of hikers to enjoy the hike. Cool off by dipping your toes into the falls. Don’t forget your water bottle!

Matthew Merrell, a junior from Orem studying accounting, embraces the beautiful weather and view Utah has to offer.

“Having a picnic up the canyon is a simple, cheap date,” Merrell said. “You can really look into someone’s soul during picnic conversation.”

3. Build a fort and play card games.

Go back to your childhood roots and set up a fort using blankets and pillows in your living room. The fort can be as simple or complex as you desire. Choose your favorite card game or pop some popcorn and watch the Harry Potter series. Card games and movies are a little bit more fun from inside a fort.

4. Go to Nickel City.

Nickel City is the best arcade for students on a budget. There is an overhead fee of $2 to get in, but other than that all you need is a handful of nickels to have a good time. Challenge your date to a game of air-hockey or see who can acquire the most tickets. Pick out a fun prize at the end and compare your winnings.

Chad Sanders Sloan, a senior studying exercise science from Lehi, thinks Nickel City is a sure-fire date option.

“The chillest place to go on a date is definitely Nickel City,” Sloan said. “Not only is it cheap, but it’s about as close to an amusement park we have here in Utah County, and the prizes are so cool!”

5. Play tennis and eat a snow cone.

There are tennis courts all around Provo: at BYU, at Provo High School and at Kiwanis Park. Grab a couple of rackets and play for an hour or two. Cool off afterward by visiting one of Provo’s many snow cone shacks. Share a large or get a kid’s size, which is the perfect size for an individual.

Danielle Cronquist, a senior studying English from Atlanta, Ga., enjoys an athletic date.

“Tennis dates are a fun way to see your date’s competitive side, but it can be hard to chat while playing, so be sure to plan something small afterwards,” Cronquist said.

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