BYU mens soccer faces FC Tucson ending their season


BYU mens soccer will travel to Tuscon, Arizona to face FC Tucson for their final game of the season on July 20, at 7:30 p.m. BYU will compete at the Kino Sports Complex North field.

BYU beat FC Tuscon just two weeks ago and its hoping for the same outcome in this weekends game. The Cougars won 3-2, it was a physical match but they were able to keep their heads in the game and break through the FC Tuscon defense to score.

FC Tuscon excused their loss on their website by stating, “FC Tucson’s back line was missing two of its regulars and two more players had to come off the pitch due to injury… there was a lot of miscommunication with the thinned back line that hadn’t played with each other much.”

The Cougars will work hard to together to end their season well. Looking back on the season, coach Chad Sackett said, “This season has been great for many reasons, but some things that stick out the most are the team’s ability to stay positive and work together. We hope to have the same opportunity next year with the core group of players we will have returning for the 2014 season. We had a great preseason with games against RSL and a great trip to Portland that really helped us gain some confidence. I also think support from the community and fans the last 3-4 games has been amazing, and that always helps to get the players excited.”

The Cougars season is almost over, their record is 5-6-2.

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