Weekly Five: Best burger and shake places


Summer is in full swing, and it’s hot. While you could go swimming or sit in front of a fan all day, why not celebrate the season the American way? Go grab a burger and a shake. The following are five great burger and shake places around Provo.

1. Sammy’s 

Sammy’s is well known among students for its incredible pie shakes, which are made with whole slices of pie. Shakes come in nine-ounce and 24-ounce “date shake” sizes, which may be one of the many reasons the restaurant is such a hot dating spot.

The one-third-pound burgers fried up at Sammy’s are no slouch, either. They come with all kinds of toppings, from fried eggs to fresh pineapple. Chicken burgers are also available.

BYU student Andrew Salt, a 24-year-old statistics major from Katy, Texas, said he loves the pineapple burger at Sammy’s.

“I served my mission in Samoa, so I love putting pineapple on my burgers,” Salt said.

2. Burgers Supreme

Walk into Burgers Supreme during lunch hour on a weekday and you might feel like you’re on campus again. It is one of Provo residents’ and BYU students’ favorites.

Shakes are one of Burger Supreme’s most popular items, available in dozens of flavors including traditional favorites like chocolate and banana. Burger Supreme is also currently running daily specials with a different food deal in the store every weekday.

Close to campus or not, after 20 years of business Burgers Supreme is still char-broiling one of the best pastrami burgers around.

3. JCW’s

Variety and portion size are the name of the game at JCW’s. The chain offers over 30 flavors of shakes, including mint, pumpkin, blueberry and combination flavors. Sizes range from the 16-ounce “mini” to the approximately 30 oz. large.

The triple burger is technically the chain’s largest burger, weighing in at three-quarter-pounds, but customers can add additional patties to any burger they order. Specialty burgers include a bacon blue cheese burger and a chili cheese burger, among others. Whatever kind or size of burger or shake people are looking for, chances are good that JCW’s has it.

4. Red Robin

Build a good burger, and the people will come. While Red Robin isn’t unique to Utah, its burgers pack a punch. Zagat Restaurant Ratings has awarded Red Robin the No. 1 Best Burger four years in a row. Red Robin’s burgers are tasty, no questions asked.

Red Robin offers about 15 different gourmet burgers on its menu, including its spicy Burnin’ Love burger with pepper jack cheese, salsa and fried jalapenos, and its Prime Chophouse burger with Swiss cheese, onion straws and mushrooms sautéed in horseradish sauce. Shakes are great too, and some flavors come with diner-style refill tins. Yum!

“I went to the Red Robin in Provo for my birthday last year, and the food and the service were great,” said Soojin Alberro, 22, a senior from South Korea majoring in Hispanic studies.

5. Dairy Keen

Although the rest of the restaurants on this list are in Provo, this Heber restaurant earned a special place on the list after ten consecutive years of winning Best of State awards for its burgers and shakes.

The restaurant’s signature Trainburger comes with ham, Swiss cheese, American cheese and the restaurant’s own Train Sauce. For the more adventurous burger enthusiasts out there, the restaurant offers the Train Wreck Burger with a beef patty, a fried chicken fillet, sliced ham, bacon, three onion rings and Train Sauce.

Shakes at Dairy Keen come in many flavors, such as fresh strawberry and rocky road. Opened in 1946, Dairy Keen has been serving great food for nearly 70 years.

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