Re: Men shouldn’t own smartphones


We received this in response to a June 11 Letter to the Editor:

Out of all the things that people can complain about the male gender, this has to be the most petty. There are many things in that article that, although they appear to be written in an entertaining-jesting kind of way, were grossly exaggerated and very generalized.

“All men seem to care about are sports, cars, food, video games, and did I mention sports?” Although this is true in many cases with guys (who is seriously not interested in food?), it isn’t true in all of them. How appropriate would it be if I said something like women only care about fashion, shopping, cooking and did I mention shopping? Why does a male being interested in sports mean he isn’t supposed to have a smartphone?

“As I glanced across the room in class today what did I see? Three males all on their smartphones, probably checking the latest scores, updating their Twitter or watching YouTube videos, trying to pass the time.” I once was in a class and saw three girls whispering to each other about who they wanted to win on “The Bachelor,” but I don’t think women shouldn’t watch TV. All four of you should have been paying attention in class anyway.

Way to call out your own brother like that in a university newspaper. Also, shame on him for not listening to sacrament talks.
Let me get this straight: men supposedly spend too much time on smartphones, and then somehow are unable to get dates because they don’t use their smartphones correctly? If a man is unable to score a date with someone solely because he doesn’t use emojis in his texts, then that relationship probably never would have worked out anyway.
I feel that this article didn’t really have a point aside from complaining that men don’t pay as much attention to the author as she would have liked.
— Justin Trapp, Nauvo, Ill.
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