BYU men’s soccer team sends off its seniors


The BYU men’s soccer team will play its final home game this Saturday at the South Field at 7:30 p.m., against Ventura County Fusion; the teams haven’t played since early on in the season.

Before their last home game, join the Cougars as they honor their senior players James Bindrup and Doug Clark. The two teammates will come onto the field with their parents, and their coaches have prepared a highlight of their team performances to be read regarding each senior.

“It’s hard. I don’t want to be done. This is the end of what I put my whole life into. This is what I put my team into. This is the end of the playing,” Clark, senior defender, said.

“I’m nervous that I’m going to completely blow it. I’m excited; I have been trying to avoid thinking about graduating. I’m definitely going to miss the BYU soccer team and school. But you have to move on; it’s the next step,” Bindrup, senior defender, said.

Head coach Chris Watkins is excited to play the Fusion and said this opponent will be a spectacular way to close the season.

“It’s a great challenge for us … Ventura always has several players on their roster who are drafted into the Major League Soccer.”

BYU has practiced hard all week in order to prepare for its upcoming game. The team has been focusing on finishing its opportunities and keeping control of the game. This week, the team has worked hard and even done some team bonding by tubing the Provo River. These players form a tight-knit group due to the amount of time they spend together. Complete with their skills and the uplifting bond the Cougars have created with one another, they have the mutual trust to compete well together as each player works for the team and not for himself.

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