Weekly Five: Five ways to stay hydrated this summer


Drinking the proper amount of water can be difficult for those who are not making a conscious effort to do so, despite the heat this summer. Doing a couple (or all) of the things listed below can help any student stay focused and hydrated, even in the hottest conditions.

Water Bottle (WikiCommons)

1. Keep a water bottle handy. 

Students can avoid the search for water fountains and vending machines by carrying a water bottle. Keeping a cold water bottle handy allows students to get a quick cool down and stay hydrated by simply reaching inside their bags. Making water convenient to access is the first step to drinking more of it.

“Drinking water is so important,” said Bradley Allred, a former personal trainer. “We don’t realize how much water we lose on a regular basis when we sweat or urinate. We need to take in water at all times, especially when we are exercising or when we are out in the heat.”

2. Stay away from soda and caffeine.

Though it may be delicious, soda is packed full of sugar and/or caffeine, which sucks water out of the bloodstream. It may be surprising to hear, but soda will not quench thirst — in fact, it will make thirst much worse over time.

3. Eat water-filled foods.

Fruits like watermelon and oranges are mostly water in a delicious package. Vegetables like cucumber and lettuce also have a high water content. They are filling, healthy and a great snack or addition to any meal. Keep these foods in the fridge or bring them to school as a snack between classes.

“Fruits and vegetables are fantastic for water content,” said Vickie Anderson, an associate teaching professor of nursing.

4. Use water flavoring.

Some students may find it difficult to drink enough water because it is too bland. There are many different products out there that can be added to water to make it more tasty and interesting. Some have even added electrolytes and vitamins. These cheap flavor packets can make drinking water much easier.

5. Drink a tall glass of water every morning.

Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning is a great start for the day. It can give students an extra burst of energy and is a very healthy habit to develop. BYU student Edward Chang finds drinking water in the morning helps him recover from a lack of water overnight.

“I keep water on my nightstand at all times so I can drink during the night if I need,” Chang said. “I make sure to drink a full bottle when I get up because I know my body is dehydrated.”

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