Bring beards back


Looking back, I remember thinking how great it was to be able to attend a great school with an established honor code that would allow me to be with roommates and around other students who had similar standards. They did not drink or get high on the weekends. I then quickly figured out that this honor code included a dress and grooming standard that banned men from growing beards.

This was a little disappointing, but as time went by, I realized that the only reason why I wouldn’t want to be around men with beards would have to be…well actually there isn’t a reason.

Prophets, old and modern, have had beards. In the church, I have yet to see a single rendition of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ without a beard (except for the picture where Jesus is in the temple teaching as a kid). I think the school should be more concerned about students cheating during an exam than having beards.

I, personally, trust men with beards more. So, why does BYU ban beards? While the origins of the ban are believed to have taken place due to the liberal movements rising in the ’70s and the drug culture surrounding beards in those days, I believe that this is a bit outdated. I can understand restricting foul language, sexual conduct, consuming harmful substances, visiting hours after midnight and low-cut shirts. I have asked many students what their opinion is regarding men with beards on campus, and most of the students I talk to believe the ban is outdated. Hopefully there will be changes to the dress and grooming standards soon, like real soon.

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