Top footwear trends for summer 2013


Pointed toes, ankle wraps and bright colors are just a few footwear trends that have made an appearance this summer.

Footwear trends are constantly changing along with the trends of other articles of clothing. U.S. consumers spend more than $20 billion a year on footwear, according to

Fashion websites have pinned chunky heels, metallics, Oxfords, sports shoes, transparent details, metal toe caps, white shoes and high-tops as popular items this summer.

“I think you are going to see a big influence on different decades,” said Heather Ashton, a sales associate at a shoe store in Orem. “We’re definitely seeing a lot of the ’60s coming back.”

Ashton, who has sold shoes for five years, has noticed that nude shoes, shoes the color of skin, are one of the biggest growing trends among women.

“Nude is definitely in right now,” Ashton said. “Anything nude. A nude wedge, a nude heel or a nude flat.”

Women are also leaning toward footwear that has patterns and bright colors.

“Anything that has flowers or polka dots on it (is) really in this year,” Ashton said.

Sandals and flip flops are popular trends among women during the summer when it is too hot to wear sneakers or other closed-toed shoes.

“They can go with lots of things, and they’re lightweight, and your feet can breathe in the summer,” said Jamie Gaffney, a junior from Council Bluffs, Iowa.

For men, canvas shoes, Vans, high-tops and lace-up boots have been recent trends.

“I think that the mens shoes (are) falling in line with the hipster thing that’s going on,” said Emily Davis, a senior from Vancouver, Wash.

However, fewer boots and more sandals and flip flops are being spotted on men as the weather continues to warm up.

“It’s better than wearing socks or anything,” Davis said. “They’re easy to wear, you don’t have to tie them, (and) they’re not as tight or as warm as a sneaker would be.”

More footwear trends are expected to be spotted as the summer progresses.

“I think that certain colors might come in like a mint or like a bright blue,” Davis said.

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