Provo Farmer’s Market is open and ready for business


The Provo Farmer’s Market gives people the opportunity to get engaged in the community by buying locally grown produce and local art.

There is a great variety of different booths found at the farmer’s market. Some booths sell different fruits and vegetables grown around the state, while a variety of food stands feature things like baked goods and specialty tacos. One booth called “Beejuvenate” sells locally produced honey as well as flavored lip balm, lotions and candles made from the beeswax.

Different artists have also set up booths to showcase paintings, ceramics and stained glass art. There are also booths that offer different crafts, such as wooden hammocks, handmade pens and handmade spoons.

Matt Reschke, a BYU student from Monte Vista, Colo., studying advertising, went to the Provo Farmer’s Market looking for ideas on how to get his own business going at the market. Reschke is building his own oven to make wood fire pizza and came to the market to see how other people were making food on site.

“I feel like if I want to be supported, then I should support the people who are making good things,” Reschke said. “I originally came looking for ideas and ended up picking up some vegetables as well.”

Andrew Magleby, a BYU graduate originally from Portland, Ore., sells handmade wooden hammocks at the farmer’s market.

“I make a profit and it is worthwhile, but I mostly just do it for fun,” Magleby said.

Magleby enjoys working with his hands and is happy to share his hobby with other people. He got the idea to make his own hammocks from a friend who mentioned that some Polynesian people make hammocks out of wood. The hammocks are supposed to be sturdy enough to support 500 pounds.

Gary Taylor, from Provo, brought his kids to the farmer’s market.

“It’s good to take the kids out on a nice day and do something,” Taylor said. “It’s nice to go to the park and then come and walk through the market and see all the different booths.”

The Provo Farmer’s Market creates a spot for local farmers and artists to share their produce and art. The Provo Farmer’s Market is located in the newly redesigned Pioneer Park on 500 W. and Center Street. The farmer’s market opens every Saturday at 10 a.m. and runs until 2 p.m.

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