Police Beat (June 18)



June 11  Someone reported the theft of their digital recorder from a location in the Richards Building. It has not been recovered.

June 12   A cell phone was reported stolen at the Auxillary Maintenance Building on campus. An investigation is ongoing.


June 8   A loud verbal dispute caused a Wymount resident to call BYU police to investigate. Upon arrival, the officers determined the situation as calm and that there was no threat.

Provo Police

June 13 The Provo Police Department conducted what they call “Knock and Talks” at local hotels and motels. Thirty-three officers focus on eight local businesses and spread out to gather information for this operation.

“With each operation we have, our goal is to work with citizens to improve quality of life issues. We instructed our officers to locate problems and to solve them,” a message on the department’s website said.

The entire operation lasted three hours, with officers covering the focus area in the evening on Thursday from 6-9 p.m.

During the operation, the officers made 120 contacts, which resulted in one DUI and drug possession arrest, one drug paraphernalia arrest and five warrants — three adult probations and parole fugitive warrants, one disorderly warrant and one cash-only warrant.
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