Men shouldn’t own smartphones


The popularity and use of smartphones is rising more and more every day. As flip phones become a thing of the past, it becomes more apparent that men aren’t capable of having smartphones. Not that men don’t know how to use smart phones; they just shouldn’t be allowed to own them.

All guys tend to care about is sports, cars, food, video games and did I mention sports?  With a smartphone in their hands, men become more absorbed in these frivolous things of the world. As I glanced across the room in class today what did I see? Three males all on their smartphones, probably checking the latest scores, updating their Twitter or watching YouTube videos, trying to pass the time.

At church this past Sunday during sacrament meeting, I looked to my right and saw my brother playing a video game on his iPhone. Apparently “Angry Birds” was more entertaining than the speaker.

Using certain apps incorrectly also reaffirms the notion that men shouldn’t own smart phones from the beginning. It’s known fact that boys are ridiculously bad at texting. Being at BYU, dating is a major part of students’ college experience. It’s difficult to even start dating someone when the male doesn’t use any emotion in his texts; emojis were invented for a reason. It’s easier to add a smiley face to a text than check the score of the latest basketball game.

So guys, if you really want to get that date, be smart and put the phone down.

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