Infinity and Beyond offers an experience out of this world


BYUSA’s event Infinity and Beyond offered students free bowling, music, drinks and candy on June 8.

Infinity and Beyond, a space-themed event, took place on the first floor of the Wilkinson Center at the Bowling and Games Center and the Wall. The first 600 students got free Italian sodas from the Wall.

Travis Swallow, the vice president of activities for BYUSA, stated that Infinity and Beyond was designed to bring a new group of people out to activities.

“A lot of our activities draw in the same students every time, so we wanted to reach out and find new groups of students who we could attract and bring to our activities so they can have a good time,” Swallow said. “We felt like this would be one that would appeal to a large group of students because it wouldn’t specifically target just one group.”

Travis Swallow was excited to show off his costume at infinity and beyond.
Travis Swallow was excited to show off his costume at Infinity and Beyond. (Photo by Tom Boyd)

The event was also a costume contest. In an effort to get more people involved, BYUSA chose the judges from members of the Quark Club, a science fiction and fantasy group. Prizes for the winners included movie tickets, movie posters and glow-in-the-dark apparel.

Infinity and Beyond was created at a brainstorming session of the BYUSA presidency. Various ideas were brought up, such as a culture night and an American pride night, but the group eventually settled on a space-themed event.

“We all started to agree that a space event would be a lot of fun, but more importantly it would be different,” Swallow said. “We’d have a lot of possibilities with how we could decorate, and we’d have so many different activities we could do.”

Devon Lawless, an electrical engineering major from Wenatchee, Wash., enjoyed the general atmosphere of the event.

“I absolutely loved the free bowling and the live bands,” Lawless said. “Everyone was so happy.”

David Watson, from Piru, Calif., went with a date and had a good time.

“Saturday night was a great night to have the event,” Watson said. “My favorite part was the free bowling. There were some people there with some amazing trick shot skills.”

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