Make up your mind


Of those who take don’t their own stance on major issues, Mira Grant said the following, “… To those who would choose the safety of inaction over the danger of taking a stand, I have this to say: You bloody cowards. May you have the world that you deserve.”

Far too many people stick with what their seemingly more knowledgable buddy says concerning any current issue rather than researching for themselves and applying their own values to formulate a personal opinion.

Recently, I overheard a feisty conversation between two people concerning the ban on firearms. One loudly stated that Colorado would be defenseless because guns were now banned. The other squinted and replied, “The legislature simply put a cartridge limit and outlawed high capacity magazines,” which was followed with an eye roll that clearly said, “You idiot!”

I would suggest that, before you submit yourself to the radical banners that are posted in your Facebook newsfeed, you explore the reality behind the issue and then take a personal stance. Local news stations such as KSL, or websites like or can inform you quite clearly concerning any current issue.  If you were to be asked why you believe what you believe concerning firearms, what would your response be? Explaining why we believe in something is a much stronger argument than merely stating your beliefs.

Feeble opinions also arise when the topic of homosexuality is brought into conversation. Many times I have heard people state that they agree with the Church’s stance on homosexuality, and yet their personal actions reflect nothing even close to what the Church has officially declared concerning homosexuality. Relying on the Church’s stance on such major topics is only credible if you actually know what stance the Church has specifically taken.

If your best friend were to come out to you, would you have the same stance on homosexuality that you have today? If your younger sibling or your child were to be shot at school, would your stance on gun control change? Please, mind up your make before you make up your mind.

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