Police Beat



May 14     A female reported her wallet had been stolen from the perimeter on the fourth floor of the Harris Fine Arts Center. She reported that someone has already been using the card. An investigation is ongoing.

May 29     Police received a call from residents at Wymount Terrace reporting that someone stole a catalytic converter from their 2009 Toyota while it was parked at their residence. Lieutenant Lemmon of the University Police explained that this type of theft wave comes and goes.

“There’s a market for them to sell them quickly,” Lemmon said.


May 30     Two females who appeared to be a mother and daughter told a driver in a BYU parking lot that she could not park in the open space because they were saving it for someone else to park in. The driver told the two women she intended to park there anyway since saving parking spaces wasn’t allowed. The two women then threatened to “key” the driver’s car while she attended a high school graduation on campus. Police were called and the suspects fled on foot. The case is still active.

May 30     Police were dispatched after receiving a call that eggs were being thrown from a car near the Smith Fieldhouse. When the officers arrived and interviewed witnesses, they were told that the objects thrown were actually water balloons being hurled out the window of a car by occupants in a vehicle near the intramural practice field.

Identity Fraud

May 29     A male student called University Police to complain that someone had stolen his photograph and was using his identity to post sexually explicit ads with his name on Craigslist. The ads posted contact information for the complainant and he said he was being bombarded with unwanted contact. The case is being investigated further.

Criminal Mischief 

May 15     A male skateboarder was stopped by a University Officer for riding on a sidewalk where skateboards are not allowed. The suspect refused to sign his citation and fled on his board.

May 25     A fire was reported in Wymount Terrace. Upon arrival, officers discovered it was a cooking fire. Someone had left food on the stove and it boiled over and set off the fire alarm. Nobody was injured.

May 29    The same male skateboarder who had been stopped by an officer and cited on May 15 was spotted again in violation of the city ordinance regarding skateboarding. He was commanded to stop, but failed to respond. The officer had the suspect’s phone number from the May 15 incident and called him to come into the station. Police have a summon for his arrest. He will be charged with the city citation for skateboarding and failing to stop on the command of a peace officer.


May 28     A woman called University Police to report an altercation between two males in the parking lot of the Student Health Center. She explained that the men were fighting and that one of the vehicles appeared to have damage. The caller wrote down the license plate number of one vehicle before they both got back in their cars and sped away. When officers contacted the owner of that vehicle they discovered that he was the victim in the incident and that it had begun with a “road rage” exchange. The driver of the other vehicle is still being sought.


May 24    A male student called University Police to report that a female was being harassed because of the color of her skin and her religion by somone on the street. No suspects were found and the caller didn’t know the girl’s last name.

Police Beat Tip:

University Police advise students with stolen bikes, computers and iPads to visit online to see if they can find their item being sold.

“We’ve had problems with the stealing of student’s high-end bikes and electronic equipment in order to resell it quickly,” Lemmon said.

Students are also encouraged to register their bicycles with the online registry set up by the University Police. Most of the stolen bicycles on campus are unregistered and are hard to track. The registration is a free service.

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