It’s officially summer for most junior high and high school kids, which means one things for BYU students — the EFY invasion begins.

Kids can be seen locking arms and donning matching T-shirts and drawstring backpacks. There will be loud music blaring in Brigham Square every night, with young boys trying to muster up the courage to ask young ladies to dance.

I have heard that some BYU students do not exactly enjoy having the EFY kids on campus. I don’t really have anything against them, but I hang out on the south end of campus and generally do not venture any farther than the Brimhall Building.

I would hope that we, as students, would be accommodating of these youngsters. We, too, were once those bright-eyed EFY teens walking around campus like we owned the place. You can survive this, I promise. Here is what you have to do:

Avoid the Wilkinson Center during “free time” at all costs. That ice cream from the Cougareat that you wanted is not worth the line you will have to stand in or the cackling teen girls you will have to listen to.

If a kid is sporting a bright colored wrist band and is walking aimlessly around campus, odds are they are totally lost. Help them out. If you get them to where they need to be, they won’t be outside disrupting your study sesh on the grass.

Whatever you do, do not drive on N. Canyon road or 900 E. on Mondays during check-in. There will be hundreds of moms and teenagers saying their week-long goodbyes and you don’t want to mess with that traffic.

Now I direct my comments to you kids on the other side of this issue. Here is my advice to those participating in EFY with plans to one day enroll at BYU:

First, throw away your EFY lanyard as soon as you get home. We shouldn’t see you parading them around as a freshman with your student ID card and dorm room keys attached. That’s not a thing. If you must have a lanyard dangling from your pocket, pick up a new one at the Bookstore.

Second, please don’t blast your EFY CD’s in the dorms. I know it’s inspiring music and all, but we have iPods now so you can rock out to that on your own.

After high school you should probably stop wearing your EFY T-shirt. We are all glad you went, but that was five years ago. Time for a new wardrobe.

It’s not a bad idea to keep in touch with those you went to EFY with. I have heard a few stories of kids who went to EFY rooming together and even dating. I’m not saying you have to go that far, but it is nice to know a few other people when you get to BYU.

Remove the profile picture on Facebook of you with your EFY counselor. It was cute, for a time, but now it is borderline creepy.

Lastly, keep in mind that college is not the same as EFY. Don’t expect to come to BYU and have a non-stop party. There is no counselor herding you around making sure you make it to all of your classes. There is no set “scripture study” time anymore and the allure of the Cannon Center will not last long. There is no daily schedule you are required to follow. You are going to have to prioritize and take responsibility for yourself.

I sincerely hope you BYU students can make it through the summer. Even with all EFY sessions going on, campus is still not as packed as it is during the fall and winter semesters.

As for you EFY participants, I hope you make lots of memories and have a lot of fun. If you decide to come to BYU, you can always reminisce about the times you had at EFY, but don’t try to rehash old times. It’s time to move on.

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