Weekly 5: Five BYU Secrets


Students who have attended BYU for any length of time know that there are many secrets looming around campus that new freshman or transfer students probably don’t know about. Even those who have been around campus for years may not know all of BYU’s secrets. Here are five secrets revealed to help all who are roaming around BYU’s campus:

1. Underground tunnels

Most students have heard rumors about the underground tunnels at some point, but are unclear about what they are used for.

“I heard a rumor about them from my biology teacher,” said Heidi Lyon, 24, from Eagle River, Ala. “He said something about an underground lab. … It’s not exactly comforting.”

Online sources say the tunnels are mainly just used for pipes, wires and other basic utilities and that they connect to places such as LaVell Edwards Stadium, Wyview, the MTC and even the Provo temple. There are various entrances to the tunnels around campus, but they are highly monitored to prevent students from entering.

2. The 100 Hour Board

The 100 Hour Board is an online BYU forum where volunteer students will answer any question asked within 100 hours. Questions on the site cover a variety of seemingly random topics. Some examples include, “Which day of the week has the most classes?” and “How many peeps can you eat in three minutes?” to which board writers do their best to research and answer each question.

“(I think it started) as an outlet for BYU facts or questions you can’t really find an outlet to somewhere else,” said Taylor Summers, 29, from Provo.

3. Basement aquariums

There are multiple aquariums in the basement of the Widtsoe building containing various types of fish, such as different types of trout, catfish and other exotic fish. One tank also currently contains a turtle. The tanks are built into the walls and are part of BYU’s College of Life Sciences. Anyone who wishes to wander down there may take a look at them.

4. Jamba Juice’s secret menu

Not many students know that Jamba Juice has a secret menu, containing flavors such as Butterfinger, Skittles and Sourpatch Kids. According to Tim Ipson, manager of the Wilkinson Center’s Jamba Juice, people order from the secret menu about four percent of the time.

“EFY kids are the ones that order from it the most,” Ipson said. “If people want to know more about it, they can go online.”

Jamba Juice’s secret menu exists to get people to visit their website, Ipson said.

5. Freebies

Many freebies are offered around campus, including one free game and shoe rental every school year (fall–summer) at the BYU Bowling and Games Center in the Wilk.

Bowling isn’t the only freebie offered around campus. “Lunch Box” is an app that has all the events happening on BYU’s campus that include a free meal. It has information such as when and where the event is happening, what is being served and who is allowed to attend.

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