Cougareat plans to announce upcoming changes


The general manager of the Cougareat said the food court will be announcing some upcoming changes on Wednesday, May 29.

Many students are hoping Wednesday’s announcement will herald the opening of a new restaurant. Chick-fil-A, Panda Express and The Pita Pit are three of the most wished-for restaurants.

If the Cougareat’s announcement isn’t about the opening of a new restaurant, students are hoping for other improvements such as the addition of more napkin dispensers or an Internet upgrade.

“I get really spotty Wi-Fi when I’m in the Cougareat,” said Mackenzie Swapp, a history major from Orlando, Fla. “For some reason I have to sit at a particular table near Subway for it to even work.”

Students love that the Cougareat is located at the center of campus, where it provides a central hub for studying or hanging out in between classes. Many people, however, want there to be more tables since they find it’s usually difficult to find a seat.

Many of the most memorable moments students have had at the Cougareat don’t have anything to do with the restaurants. Swapp said she’ll always remember the time she passed out in line. She had just finished donating blood and decided to go pick up a meal to get some energy back in her system. The line was too long, and she passed out before she got a chance to order her meal. She awoke to a friendly student offering her a soda.

Carter Peterson, a 22-year-old psychology major from Katy, Texas, said he loves all of the random events that go on in and around the Cougareat. He fondly remembers an a cappella group his sister was part of.

“I was sitting there eating when an a cappella group just pops up right next me and started bellowing out songs to the people sitting behind me. I knew it was going to happen because my sister was in it, but I didn’t know it was going to happen right behind me,” Peterson said. “They just popped up out of nowhere and started singing. It was hilarious.”

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