New trends emerging for brides, grooms


Creating the perfect wedding look for that special day can be a challenge, especially when many once-favored trends are flying right out the window.

Wedding styles are constantly changing, going from the poofy sleeves of the ’80s to the vintage lace popular today. The current trends are rapidly leaning toward more casual and European looks.

“Styles cycle and come around every five or 10 years or so,” said Jaime Mecham, manager of Abella Bridal in Provo.

Lace is one of the most popular trends among brides trying to find that perfect dress. The best-selling piece at Abella Bridal is a chic, fit-and-flare, v-neck dress covered in lace.

Lace and slim-fit dresses are growing trends, as shown in this best-selling dress at Abella Bridal.  (Photo by Elliott Miller)
Lace and slim-fit dresses are growing trends, as shown in this best-selling dress at Abella Bridal. (Photo by Elliott Miller)

“Lace never goes out of style,” Mecham said.

Brides also favor embellished designs with lots of detail, as well as form-fitting pieces, such as the mermaid cut, that accentuate the waist and bust.

“People are going away from the baggy style to a more fitted look,” said Mandy Albino, senior customer service associate at Men’s Wearhouse in Orem. “I like the bodies that have the ruching because I like it tight at the top.”

Feather and crystal headpieces, as well as sashes, are also becoming popular, moving away from the traditional veils and jewelry. According to Albino, accessories are becoming simpler and leaning toward a more ’50s look.

“I’ve noticed a bigger take on earrings,” Albino said.

Men’s wedding attire has also changed immensely, becoming much less formal and leaving tuxes a trend of the past.

“The biggest trending thing (for men) is contrast,” Albino said.

Skinny ties, colored shirts and moc toe shoes (shoes that have the seam running around the top of the shoe) are widely popular among grooms. Tight-fitting suits are also trending; the best-selling piece at Men’s Wearhouse is the Vera Wang slim fit.

Charcoal gray and tan suits are favorites, as well.

“It’s a more casual look,” said Rachel May, customer service associate at Men’s Wearhouse. “It’s cheaper to dress casual.”

Co-workers May and Albino believe the informal look is also trending because many advertisements portray beach and other destination weddings, where one would not want to dress formally.

Whether it be for brides or grooms, consultants agree that it is important to keep an open mind and try on everything when shopping for the big day.

“Don’t go in assuming you are going to look the best in what you think looks good on paper,” May said.

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