New trends appear as summer approaches


New fashion trends for both women and men are beginning to appear in stores and around BYU’s campus as summer approaches.

Some of the popular trends that have been spotted so far are bright colors, crazy prints, florals, boat shoes and bermuda shorts. Also making a comeback is chambre, as well as high-waisted pants or shorts.

“I think fashion is a lot more open now so people can be more expressive,” Kierea Meloy, 23, from Selah, Wash., said. “You should just express you own personality. If you wear anything with enough confidence, people will like it and follow.”

Unique prints are a trend that is becoming more common this summer, with multiple prints, often being worn together. This includes florals, stripes and many other patterns.

(Photo by Sarah Hill)
Katelyn Niepraschk shows off her bright colors and prints. Both are trendy this summer. (Photo by Sarah Hill)

“I love florals,” Meloy said. “I think it’s springy and not depressing, especially since winter here is so long.”

Lauren Haws, 20, from Denver, Colo., can also be seen wearing different prints, especially throughout the spring and summer seasons.

“I like the paisleys,” Haws said. “I really like the pattern mixing if it’s done right. They are appropriate for the weather and the time.”

Wearing large amounts of white is another trend that many fashion websites have pinned as growing this summer. From white shirts to white shorts to white shoes, white is climbing up to the top of the trends with all of the bright colors.

“I do like white and how they are moving away from the traditional Labor Day rules,” Haws said. “I wear quite a bit of white chinos and white denim.”

Josh Haws, 21, from Alpine, thinks that whites and bright colors are a good upcoming trend.

“It brings the energy of spring and things are coming alive again after winter,” Haws said.

Justin Gallo, 22, from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., also agrees that bright colors are going to be a huge trend this summer.

“With summer comes flowers and more color in nature,” Gallo said. “People have a more cheery disposition.”

Gallo also incorporates white into his outfits and agrees that this will be a popular trend for the summer.

“I like wearing white because too many colors are crazy,” Gallo said. “It brings out people’s tan and the color of their skin.”

As all of these exciting new trends come about, Gallo believes it is essential to remember what is really important when choosing what to wear.

“With all the trend changes it’s always important to remember modesty and respect your body,” Gallo said. “Guys shorts are getting crazy short, and girls are told to wear less and less.”

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