Weekly Five: Ways to survive spring and summer terms


Staying inside studying during this beautiful weather can be torturous after months of being cooped up indoors. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks to surviving the rigorous spring and summer terms.

1. Reacquaint yourself with Mother Nature

The average college student will eventually emerge from the bowels of the library and rejoice in the gorgeous spring and summer weather, a bit like most bears emerging from hibernation. The warm weather causes students to shed their winter coats, and finally enjoy the spring air.

Jimmy Trent, a senior majoring in accounting, couldn’t agree more.

“I like to play basketball with my buddies when we have a chance,” Trent said. “I will go golfing with my brothers and dad; here in a couple of weeks, go camping.”

The beautiful weather allows people of all ages the opportunity to go hiking, swimming, rock climbing and walking along the Provo River Trail with a few friends.

2. Catch up on all the missed episodes of TV shows

College students simply don’t have the time to keep up on current episodes of their favorite shows during the hectic fall and winter semesters, whether the shows are “Studio C,” “Granite Flats” or any other TV show. During spring and summer terms, students usually have more time to themselves, despite the same amount of hours spent in class. Fewer classes mean less homework, which results in more time to catch up all on the past seasons of the best shows.

Jenna Hoffman, a 20-year-old senior majoring in public health, discovered this for herself.

“I just got into the Gilmore Girls,” Hoffman said. “I watch it all the time.”

Hoffman admitted to having more active summers in the past, but said with classes occupying her time, occasionally it is nice to sit down and watch some good TV.

3. Finally master a difficult skill

Students who have time for hobbies during the school year are few and far between. The rest of the student population places higher priority on school, work, social time and sleep, letting hobbies fall into neglect and disuse.

During the spring and summer terms, students have the opportunity to take back that hobby. Piano players can master the song they’ve been working on; runners can reach the next milestone; novelists can finish the book that has been five years in the making. They have the freedom to spend time on their hobbies without getting too far behind on homework.

4. Explore the valley

BYU students live in Provo for most of the year, and yet most students don’t have time to go anywhere other than campus and home.

Lauren Cole, an economics senior from Heber, said it is easier to be around and outside during the spring and summer because the days are longer. It gives people more freedom to walk around and enjoy the area.

“I was just walking around Center Street last night,” Cole said. “(It’s) not like it’s a big city, but it was kind of fun.”

For students without a car, Provo City Center is a few blocks away from campus, and it has everything from little boutiques to great places to get a bite to entertainment centers. For students with a car, there are any number of exciting and entertaining things to do in the valley if you just know where to look.

5. Soak up the sun

Last, but not least, is a simple step to keep from going crazy stuck indoors: go outside. The benefit of the warm weather means that students can do homework while lounging in the grass or by a pool.

Ashley Hillyard, an elementary education major from Idaho Falls, said it best.

“Mostly it is just studying outside that helps me a lot,” Hillyard said. “I’m getting it all done at once.”

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