Larry M. Gibson: Hastening the work with younger missionaries


Larry M. Gibson, first counselor of the Young Men’s organization for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, targeted women and what role they play in this. With the LDS Church lowering the age requirement for young men and women to serve as missionaries, church leaders are urging members everywhere to “hasten the work.”

Conference goers cover campus during the two-day Women's Conference. (Photo by Chris Bunker)
Conference goers cover campus during the two-day Women’s Conference. (Photo by Chris Bunker)

Gibson strongly iterated that our “homes, quorums, classes, home teaching appointments, and family home evenings are the MTC (Missionary Training Center) now.” Quoting recent speeches from President Thomas S. Monson, Gibson showed how important missionary work is now and how women can add to the work. Heavy emphasis was put on helping our young missionaries develop spiritual self-reliance and social skills.

Reading the Book of Mormon outside of family reading, seminary and church is “crucial” to a young man or woman’s spiritual development. Gibson also mentioned that dating and living away from home are important, so that youth don’t become “home bodies.” More than 500 women attended Gibson’s speech in the Smith Fieldhouse on Thursday, the first speech of the Women’s Conference. An excited crowd listened intently and took notes as Gibson used ancient and modern sources to explain how women can hasten the work.

Gibson challenged the crowd to help the younger missionaries with the work and closed his talk with a powerful testimony and the call of “all hands on deck.”

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