Police Beat



May 1     The report of an assault was taken at the Richards Building at 5:39 p.m.


April 17     Officers responded to a report of drug use in Heritage Halls.


April 17     A person was found in a closed area of the Harold B. Lee Library after hours.  Officers escorted the individual from the premises.

Criminal Mischief

April 17     Three vehicles were vandalized in the same BYU parking lot just hours apart. In one instance, a skateboard was also taken from a vehicle. The vehicles were all parked in lot 41.

April 19     An officer responded to a report of graffiti at the Marriott Center. The area was checked by the officer and a BYU grounds crew was contacted to clean the area.

April 22     Damage to cafeteria equipment was reported at the Canon Center.

April 23    Officers came upon a smashed television in a BYU parking lot. Video footage was available and indicates the television was purposefully dropped from a building.

April 25     A small fire was started in an unauthorized area of Wyview. The fire was put out and the perpetrators were warned.

April 26    There were two reports of mischief at Helaman Halls one minute apart. A window was broken in one instance and the other call was to report graffiti.


April 17      Vehicle license plates were reported stolen from a vehicle in BYU parking lot 31. The missing plate numbers were entered on the National Criminal Computer.

April 20      Officers searched the Tanner Building after an iPad was reported stolen there. The item wasn’t found.

April 29      An unspecified quantity of metal was taken from the Clyde Engineering Building.

May 5        A shoplifting arrest was made at the BYU bookstore. At least two people were apprehended by police.


April 24      A woman reported that someone kicked in the front door of her home near the intersection of 400 North and 1000 West in Provo, but does not think anything was taken.

April 26      A vehicle and other items were stolen from a residence near the intersection of 1700 West and Center Street in Provo. Items taken from the home included musical instruments and electrical equipment.  Charges are pending in that case.




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