Sandy Autry and Barbara Morgan: Progression, step by step


Speakers Sandy Autry and Barbara Morgan’s presentation titled “Walk with Me: Progression Step by Step” attracted many listeners to the Pardoe Theater. The session encouraged women to press forward in life despite adversity and trials.

Both Autry and Morgan emphasized the importance of faith in facing adversity. Morgan discussed several examples of strong women in her life who overcame different struggles because of their firm foundations of faith.

“We are here to grow and have experiences and are subject to temptations and trials,” Autry said. “All of us (experience) sin and make mistakes and, although it can be painful, it brings growth.”

Autry then spoke on the Plan of Salvation and the vital role that faith and agency play in the plan.

“We try to solve life problems on our own because we don’t know how to apply grace,” Autry said.

She continued by stating that faith is the method by which grace is accessed. Autry shared a story in which her family found strength in continued implementation of daily faith-building activities including scripture study, meaningful fasting and prayer. Autry counseled listeners to practice faith through these activities in order to better face the daily struggles associated with life.

Morgan also discussed the importance of daily acts of faith building.

“Scripture study, temple attendance, service in the temple, all of those things help us to better understand who God is and understand his character,” Morgan said. She stressed that these activities help us to understand God’s plan and the reason why we encounter different trials and storms in our lives.

“It doesn’t matter where the storm comes from,” Morgan said, “but how we respond to the storm.” She emphasized that some trials in life come from our Heavenly Father. These trials give us an opportunity to learn and grow. Sometimes the Lord gives us challenges beyond our ability to teach us to rely on the Atonement and our Heavenly Father.

Autry and Morgan encouraged women that consistent, steady study of the gospel will give them the strength they need to face everyday trials. They both admonished women that despite the struggles of life, they should continue on walk by faith.

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