Christine Cameron and Scott W. Cameron: The priesthood shall remain with thee


Men and women share not only the blessings of the priesthood, but also priesthood power, according to husband and wife duo Scott and Christine Cameron. The couple addressed this idea at Women’s Conference in the JSB auditorium on Thursday.

To illustrate how priesthood power can be shared, Christine Cameron referred to President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. She hypothesized that President Uchtdorf speaks to the needs of women in the Church so well because of what he learns from his wife, Harriet.

Conference attendees walk through campus during Women's Conference. (Photo by Chris Bunker)
Conference attendees walk through campus during Women’s Conference. (Photo by Chris Bunker)

“I can only imagine how many conversations she and President Uchtdorf must have for him to understand so precisely what we as women need to hear,” she said.

According to Scott Cameron, priesthood power doesn’t come simply by holding the priesthood.

“I am not the priesthood,” he said, “but I can receive power when delegated to assist in the work of the father and the son, and when I try my best to live the commandments.”

Scott Cameron then shared from his own experience and said that he felt priesthood power while serving as a young bishop, but the power came from priesthood keys, not by virtue of holding the priesthood alone.

One way husbands and wives can share in priesthood power, Christine Cameron taught, was to find ways to support each other in their distinct roles.

To share an example from her own family, Christine Cameron said that Scott Cameron had never been able to cook well, so she often did all the cooking. She found, however, that by making breakfast she was able to help bring the family together each morning, and with the family gathered around the table, it was easier for Scott Cameron hold family scripture study.

Christine Cameron also said that women can help men receive priesthood power in their homes by being careful not to diminish men’s priesthood roles.

“Sometimes we think we’re doing everyone a favor by doing it ourselves when we may be undermining our husbands’ confidence,” she said. “Sometimes we simply forget that we are all a work in progress.”

To wrap up their message, Scott and Christine Cameron discussed the importance of teaching the youth of the church and empowering them to use priesthood power in their lives.

Scott Cameron said that we was impressed by the influence of righteous women on young priesthood holders when he was still in Primary. Reminiscing about his old Primary days when they would wear bandoleers and pins, Scott Cameron explained how his guide patrol leader had taught him the importance of priesthood ordinances and prepared him to be a deacon in the Aaaronic priesthood.

All men and women can have the same kind of influence on the youth, according to Scott Cameron. “What a wonderful thing that we as members of the church can do for one another,” he said. “That we can be the one who stokes the fires of faith in a young heart.”

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