Police Beat



April 9 Damage to a stairwell in the Grant Building was reported. An officer checked the area but found no suspects. An investigation is ongoing.

April 16 Graffiti was found all over downtown Provo, including businesses, fences, alleyways, garage doors and a phone box.

April 17 An individual’s vehicle was scratched at 2000 W. 350 North.

April 17 A victim’s headlight was smashed in at 400 S. 600 West.

Criminal Mischief

April 9 A fire was seen at Helaman Halls. Upon investigation officers found that gasoline had been poured on a cement pad and lit on fire. The fire starters have not been found, and the crime is under investigation.

April 15 A liquid was poured down the Spencer W. Kimball Tower stairwell. Officers responded and checked the area, but no suspects were found. Custodians were contacted to clean up the mess.

April 16 Witnesses reported seeing two males on Center Street shooting out the windows on a water truck.


April 9 A locked bicycle was taken from the Heritage Halls bike racks.

April 11 Suspects were seen attempting to remove scrap metal from a 300 E. Center St. business recycling dumpster. The suspects were confronted and quickly put the metal back in the dumpster before fleeing to avoid police capture.

April 13 A bicycle was secured outside Centennial II apartments. Upon returning for his bicycle, the victim found his lock cut and the bicycle missing.

April 15 A person’s clothing and wallet were stolen from the Smith Fieldhouse.


April 11 Two storage units at 1100 W. 100 South were forced open and had their contents rummaged through.

April 15 A thief climbed in through the window of a home at at 1400 N. 950 West and stole a credit card, two gold rings and $10 while the victim slept.

April 15 An individual’s truck tires were removed and replaced with old tires at 1500 N. State St.

April 15 A victim’s towing receiver and mud flaps were removed from his truck while it was parked in the driveway of his house located at 1400 N. 950 West.

Vehicular Theft

April 13 A vehicle was stolen from 100 S. Freedom Blvd.

April 13 An individual’s scooter was stolen from a BYU parking lot. Officers filed a report and put a county-wide lookout for the scooter.


April 11 Individuals were found trespassing in LaVell Edwards Stadium. They were warned and escorted from the stadium.


April 9 An individual reported receiving unwanted texts in the Harris Fine Arts Center. An officer talked with both parties, and the texting stopped.

April 11 A victim reported receiving a harassing phone call in the Richards Building. The phone call is under investigation.

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