BYU offers semester-length classes that bridge the spring and summer semesters


This spring BYU will offer semester-length classes at the Salt Lake Center that bridge over spring and summer term. The classes will start the first day of spring term and finish the last day of summer term and will help students finish GE courses in the spring and summer at a slower pace.

Barry Allred, University Registrar, said while enrollment will change over the next weeks, about 375 students are currently enrolled in the semester-length courses. He reassured students the university will accommodate those who have chosen to enroll in both semester-length courses and term-only courses when final exams might interfere.

According to Allred, students will register for the semester-length classes just as they would register for spring term classes until the university’s registration website is implemented for the semester-length classes in 2014. Classes will appear on their registration and transcripts, for enrollment purposes, as a spring-term class. Allred said after spring semester an NS (neutral) grade will appear on the transcript and that after completing the course the final grade will be changed.

Allred said tuition will be calculated as though one-half of the credit hours were allocated toward spring term and the other half toward summer. However, he wanted students to understand that tuition for semester-length classes will still be subjected to spring term deadlines.

The reason these classes are being offered is because some courses just take more time than one term to complete.

“It has been found that certain courses require additional time to develop concepts and deliver content to achieve optimal learning outcomes,” he said.

Semester-length classes will have smaller enrollment sizes. Allred said this will allow instructors to become more involved in the student learning process.

“Instructors can devote more time to individual student needs without the challenges of an accelerated curriculum,” Allred said.

Visit and select semester-length classes from the printable version options to find out which semester-length classes the university offers at the Salt Lake Center. Registration for the classes can be completed through the university’s mymap system.

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