Police Beat



April 3 An individual refused to leave the Wilkinson Student  Center after causing a disturbance, was escorted from the premises by officers and then arrested.


April 3 An unlocked bike was stolen from the bike racks near the Botany Pond.

April 3 A victim let another individual use his phone at 700 South University Ave. and could not get it back from the individual.

April 4 A cell phone was reported missing from the Jesse Knight Building; it was located later. 

April 5 An individual’s bike was taken from the front lawn at 600 W. and 2000 North. When officers arrived to investigate, the suspect came around the corner with the bike. The victim was able to get the bike back, and the suspect was cited for theft.

April 10 An individual’s bicycle had the tires and rims removed, and the bicycle was then left in the neighbor’s yard at 1100 S. 800 West.


April 3 Unknown suspects tried to illegally enter a local business called Pack Rats but were unsuccessful.

April 4 Two tablet devices and a skateboard were stolen from a home at 700 S. 1600 West and pawned. Charges have been referred.

April 5 Someone kicked through the back door of a home at 500 S. 100 West and stole a radio-controlled helicopter and car.

April 5 An individual’s car window was broken, and their wallet was stolen at 2300 N. 900 West.

April 5 A woman’s tablet was stolen and then later returned and left on her doorstep at 600 N. 800 West.

April 7 A suspect entered a motel room at the Executive Inn and Suites and assaulted an individual. The suspect was arrested and booked into the Utah County Jail for burglary and assault.

April 7 A business window was broken near 200 West Bulldog Blvd.; however, a guard dog inside deterred the burglary attempt.

April 9 Someone stole various items from an unattended vehicle while the owner was at a repair shop at 200 W. 500 South.

Criminal Mischief

April 2 Graffiti was located at the Museum of Art. Custodians were contacted to clean it up.

April 7 At least 10 cars parked at the Branbury Apartments had the air let out of the tires.

April 7 Suspect(s) painted Asian symbols on several of the windows and outside walls of businesses around 3200 North University Ave.

Vehicular Theft

April 4 An individual’s vehicle was broken into while parked in the underground parking of his apartment complex at 100 East 600 North.

April 5 An individual’s motorcycle was stolen from inside of his garage at 1900 North 900 West.

April 6 An individual test-drove a motorcycle at 700 N. 300 West and rode for a much longer time than the owner proposed. The motorcycle was returned to the owner.

April 7 At 3400 North Sioux Circle, a juvenile took the keys to their relative’s car and was found joyriding. Charges are pending.

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