Earn it and celebrate it: Ways to celebrate graduation


After four (or more) years of studying for quizzes, standing in line at the Testing Center, dating and cheering to the point of losing one’s voice at sport events, graduation has finally arrived.

For those who are still wracking their brains about how to celebrate this special milestone, some students are finding different ways to celebrate. From having more time to spend on and develop hobbies to growing the forbidden facial hair, graduating seniors are finding unique ways to celebrate before they go forth and serve.

Frank Bright, a senior majoring in psychology from Hattiesburg, Miss., will be celebrating by throwing a free magic show and performing all the tricks he’s been working on.

“My family is coming over for graduation and so this will be their first time seeing one of my magic shows,” Bright said. “I’m just excited to graduate and spend some time doing the things that I love.”

Other students will be grabbing the car keys, or buying tickets, and leaving the confines of Utah Valley. Whether abroad or going on road trips to the next state over, adventure is out there for determined students after spending years behind books.

For students that like to have fun, there are many different party themes to choose from.

The textbooks and papers piled up on the desk can turn into a new and cool way to celebrate the end of your college career. Do some spring clean-up and invite friends over for a bonfire, courtesy of past homework and papers. Pay attention, however, to fire restriction and rules around town.

Those who don’t want to assist the local graduation parties or already threw out their papers and textbooks as soon as finals were over can choose from a variety of party themes, send out the invitations and celebrate with friends. Break out the piggy bank and make sure to buy good food and break out the iTunes gift card your mom sent to buy some new and upbeat tunes. Feeling fancy? Hire a DJ and cater some food.

Now that students no longer have to make a visit to the Testing Center and other campus facilities that enforce the “no facial hair” code, they can grow out their facial hair. However, don’t just resort back to the “freshman ‘stache.”  Break out of your comfort zone and try out different styles. Graduating students can now enjoy the full benefits and freedom of growing a beard or mustache, however long they want it.

Griffin Kennedy, a senior majoring in electrical engineering from Murrieta, Calif., will be growing out his facial hair the way he’s always wanted.

“I’m just going to grow out this great, awesome beard,” Kennedy said. “It’ll be great while it lasts.”

With more time to relax, some students will be spending time catching up on sleep and TV shows.

Linny Allsop, a senior majoring in English from Gilbert, Ariz., will be celebrating her graduation the way most students wish they had spent their college years — relaxing.

“I’m just going to spend an entire week doing absolutely nothing,” Allsop said. “I won’t be working, won’t be doing homework or studying for tests. I’m just going to read all the books I didn’t get to read in the last couple of years, play on the computer. Basically I’m just going to waste time because now I actually can.”

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