Brigham’s Yard Sale rare opportunity for students


Students looking to clean out their closets and make some cash before the semester is out can do so at the annual Brigham’s Yard Sale.

The sale, run by the Student Activities Board, will take place in the Ernest L. Wilkinson Student Center Terrace from 4:30 to 7 p.m. April 10.

Students and spouses of students can reserve a booth at the Wilkinson Student Center for five dollars, as there are still spots open.

Brigham's Yard Sale will let students buy and sell on campus. (photo courtesy of BYU Student Activities Board)
Brigham’s Yard Sale will let students buy and sell goods on campus. (Photo courtesy BYU Student Activities Board)

“There will be stand-by booths available,” Steven Fortney, a program coordinator for Student Leadership, said. “If you aren’t signed up, just bring your stuff at 4:30. We will try to give space to everyone who comes.”

Lee Gibbons, a coordinator of the Student Activities Board, said some of the things students have sold in the past are clothing, books, kitchen utensils, CDs and DVDs.

“It gives them the opportunity to clean out their closets before they leave.” Gibbons said.

Gibbons said students will be given four chairs and two, six-foot tables to hold their wares. They will also be able to stack things on the floor under the tables.

Samantha Coffey, a member of the Student Activity Board, said the event is held yearly and has always been successful for both buyers and sellers, and the Terrace is usually crowded.

“It gives people a way to sell their stuff on campus when they might not be allowed to any other way,” Coffey said. “It gives a way to sell if you are going on a mission or getting married.”

According to Coffey, there are some things students can’t sell at the yard sale, such as food, guns or anything that doesn’t coincide with the Honor Code.

Fortney said the yard sale is a good opportunity for students to make money as well.

“(The last yard sale), during the spring, there were lots of people who made a lot of good money,” he said.

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