Weekly five: Things to do in April


Here are five things to do in April now that spring has finally arrived full-force:

1. Play sand volleyball

With courts scattered throughout Provo, playing a game of volleyball is the perfect excuse to spend the afternoon outdoors. Andrea Dubon, a communications disorders major, said the sport is the perfect way to meet friends now that the weather is consistently nice.

“I love the sun and the social atmosphere of volleyball,” Dubon said. “It’s a great way to be active and meet new people in a fun setting at the same time. Sometimes I have even found dates from playing with people I didn’t know.”

2. Take a day trip to Salt Lake City

Dubon said she also likes to round up a group of friends and spend a day in the city.

“Spending an afternoon in Salt Lake is always fun because it’s a nice getaway from Provo,” she said. “Plus, there are a lot of great restaurants and stores to go to that we don’t have here. It’s really convenient that this major city is only 40 minutes away, so when you’re getting spring fever, it can be a great escape.”

3. Have a water gun paint fight

Derek Richmond, a marketing management major, said he recently discovered that all you need for a fun — and messy — day’s activity is a couple of cheap water guns and a bucket of paint.

“There’s nothing better than ‘YOLOing’ in a water gun paint fight with some members of the opposite gender,” Richmond said. “However, you must use blue and white colors because this is Provo, and in Provo we represent … BYU, right?”

Richmond also said the paint can be directed at things other than people.

“I’ve made some really cool paintings on sheets of plywood by blasting it with a couple of different colors,” he said. “Who knew art was so easy to make?”

4. Take a drive with the windows rolled down

Daniel Carver, an exercise science major, said there’s nothing better in April than the feeling of driving around town, blasting some music with the windows down.

“It just reminds me of summers at home, and I think it gives me a sense of relaxation and freedom,” Carver said. “It’s kind of like an escape from all the busyness of the world to just turn up some country music and forget about your problems.”

5. Graduate

With the end of the semester finally arriving, many students are looking forward to the end of their college experience. After surviving one last round of studying and final exams, graduation for the class of 2013 starts on April 25.

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