‘The promises of the Lord, if perhaps not always swift, are always certain’


Michelle Marchant, associate professor in the Department of Counseling Psychology and Special Education, spoke to the BYU campus April 2 about the surety of God’s plan for them.

She began her devotional address by relating a question she heard at a recent stake conference: “Could it be that I have the wrong patriarchal blessing?”

Michelle Marchant addresses the BYU campus. Photo courtesy Whitnie Soelberg.
Michelle Marchant addresses BYU students. (Photo by Whitnie Soelberg)

“At first I was startled by his words,” Marchant said. “But as I pondered the implications of his heartfelt question, I realized that I also had times when I doubted whether or not portions of my patriarchal blessing would really be fulfilled.”

Marchant noted that God has provided several milestones in her life to help her have faith in his plan for her, such as understanding her relationship to God.

“For the past few years I have felt impressed to study the nature of God and his plan of salvation,” Marchant said. “In doing so, I’ve come to understand some beautiful truths.”

She shared the stories about God providing Joseph Smith with spiritual light when he prayed about which church to join and giving the Brother of Jared physical light to help his people’s passage to the promised land.

“Despite the transcendent importance of these events, I find what occurred after them to be even more significant,” Marchant said. “Neither the Brother of Jared nor the Prophet Joseph kept the light revealed by the Lord secret; they shared it freely with all who would benefit from it.”

Marchant related the transformation she observed in one of her students, who transformed from being less active in the Church to being an enthusiastic, full-time missionary and then a teacher at the MTC.

“While acknowledging that her journey has not been easy, she is quick to add ‘the Lord has guided me,’” Marchant quoted the student. “’All of the things I have are because of God’s hand in my life.’”

Marchant shared that she has been able to express faith in God’s timing and the certainty of his plan for her.

“I know that his promises are sure for each child of God in this room and beyond,” Marchant said. “Even when you cannot fully see or understand his complete design for you individually.”

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