City Creek Center and Beehive House among things to do around Temple Square


Students attending General Conference can find a lot to do between and after the sessions.

City Creek is just one of many things for students to do while they're in Salt Lake for conference this weekend. (Photo by Chris Bunker)
City Creek is just one of many things for students to do while they’re in Salt Lake for conference this weekend. (Photo by Chris Bunker)

The Church History Museum, City Creek Center and the Beehive House are among the many destinations available.

Bekah De Boer, a senior who returned from serving in the Temple Square Mission, said there is a lot to do on and around Temple Square.

She said one of her favorite things is the Church History Museum.

“It’s right outside the gates of Temple Square,” De Boer said. “You can walk through it by yourself or you can have someone show you around.”

She said you can learn a lot about the history of the Church and also explore the art exhibits that are usually on display.

“When you come to conference, it’s wonderful because you get to hear from a modern-day prophet,” De Boer said. “If you take the chance to learn about the prophets of the past, it really gives you perspective.”

De Boer said at the Church History Museum you can learn how each prophet has influenced the members and people around the world through their presidencies.

“Learning about Church history will strengthen your testimony and could make General Conference an even more meaningful experience for you,” she said.

De Boer said after exploring the museum, City Creek Center is a great place to have lunch or go shopping because it’s right across the street from Temple Square.

“Blue Lemon is so good,” De Boer said. “It’s like gourmet food in a casual setting.”

Mark Jensen, from Salt Lake City, agrees that City Creek Center is a great place to visit whenever downtown.

“When my family goes to conference, we usually go out to eat somewhere afterwards like The Dodo in Sugarhouse or The Eva on Main Street,” Jensen said. “Then we’ll go shopping, and lately we like going to City Creek Center.”

Jensen said he likes City Creek Center because it feels like you’re walking down a real street.

“The landscaping and architecture is awesome, and it creates a great environment in downtown Salt Lake,” Jensen said. “It made the city cohesive and more people friendly, and of course I love the shops there.”

Sister missionaries serving on Temple Square are also looking forward to conference weekend.

Sister Richardson, from Scotland, will experience her third General Conference as a missionary and said it is her favorite time of year.

“It’s very busy so there won’t be a lot of sisters available to take you on tours,” Richardson said. “But the Beehive House will be open and tours will still be given.”

Richardson said the Beehive House is the historic home of the prophet Brigham Young.

“He had the priesthood keys necessary to lead Christ’s church on the earth,” Richardson said. “That is a magnificent connection to the living prophet today who holds those same keys. As you learn about the life of Brigham Young and Joseph Smith there, you can feel the powerful and spiritual witness of Christ.”

Other things to do around Temple Square include watching “Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration” in Legacy Theater, attending a Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearsal in the Historic Tabernacle, visiting the Family Search Center on the lobby of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and eating at the Lion House Pantry. More information can be found on the Temple Square Hospitality website,

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