New Provo Rec. Center


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If you’ve driven by what used to be The Center on 500 North in Provo you have likely noticed the brand new building that took its place. Piles of dirt are everywhere to be seen and are a promising sign that the new Provo Rec. Center project is almost done. All that is left is some touch up and to lay down the parking lot.

People in Provo have watched as demolition crews tore down the old recreation center, building by building, in preparation for the new one.  The project has taken nearly a year and a half to get to the point it is at now and has people in the community excited.

Recreation director Scott Henderson discussed how close the project is getting to completion.

“We’re getting to the point of final tile work and cleanup and final assembly…in preparation to get this up and ready to go at the end of April and turning it over in a grand opening to the citizens of Provo,” Henderson said.

In the fall of 2010 voters approved the 39 million dollar bond that has been continually funding the construction of the building.  That large price tag has kept city officials feeling the pressure to make sure they deliver a product that will please the tax payers that paid for it.

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“We’re on time and in budget and this has been a big project to manage…it’s been something that has created a great successful team and we’re bringing it to the finish line,” Henderson explained.

The project brought a boost to construction jobs with over 50 subcontractors and 100 daily construction workers.  The buildings designers are saying it will be the best indoor recreation facility in the state. However, the crowning part of entire facility is its family friendliness and how everyone can interact with everything around them.

“Within Provo city we’ve got this unity in the community and this facility is just going to bring everyone together,” Provo Recreation Coordinator Whitney Booth explained.

In addition to the standard racquetball courts and indoor track, the new recreation center will have several additions including a children’s aquatic playground, an indoor lazy river and indoor cliff diving.

City officials said that the building will open for tours as soon as the parking lot is done.  They will hold a grand opening ceremony on April 27th and the recreation center will be open for business on Monday April 29th.

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