Colorado narrowly defeats BYU lacrosse


The No. 2 ranked University of Colorado beat the BYU lacrosse team in its first loss at home this season.

After a long week on the road, BYU came home to face an undefeated Colorado. This win brings Colorado to 12–0 and moves the Cougars to 11–2.

The Cougars started the game quickly by scoring the first two goals of the game, and they ended the quarter with a 2–1 lead. The second quarter started the same way as the first with another two goals by the Cougars, but the Buffalos came right back scoring five goals in a row. Captain Pat Matheson fired right back to score a clutch goal with three seconds left in the half, tying the game.

“We cannot just come off with a big start,” senior long stick midfielder Grayson Dahl said. “We have to end with a big finish.”

BYU's Mickell Walker takes a shot in Saturday's game against Colorado University. BYU lost by two points in its first home loss of the season. (Photo by Elliott Miller)
BYU’s Mickell Walker takes a shot in Saturday’s game against Colorado University. BYU lost by two points in its first home loss of the season. (Photo by Elliott Miller)

BYU and Colorado exchanged goals and the lead multiple times in the third quarter but ended with another tie game, 8–8. The fourth quarter proved to be just as difficult as the past three. The Buffalos came out hard and played with a lot of intensity, scoring the first goal of the quarter. Matheson answered back with his fourth and final goal. The Buffalos finished the game with two more goals, ending with a 11–9 loss for the Cougars.

“It’s been a long week for us,” BYU coach Matt Schneck said. “We have had four games in five days, and that was a challenge for us.”

This is BYU’s first home loss since May of 2010, when they lost to a tough Colorado State.

“We have to learn how to handle ourselves in pressure situations,” Dahl said. “We have to finish the game and capitalize on the opportunities we have.”

BYU beat No. 3 Stanford earlier this week and now lost to undefeated No. 2 University of Colorado. The battles aren’t over as next week the Cougars face undefeated No.1 Colorado State University.

“We have to go harder,” captain Mickell Walker said. “We have to be a little bit meaner. We have to run faster, hit harder and play smarter.”

BYU will face No.1 Colorado State at home Friday, April 5, at 7:00 p.m. on North Field.

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