Marriott School closing banquet


The Marriott School of Management will host its yearly closing banquet in the Provo Marriott Hotel on March 28.

The banquet is for Marriott School of Management students, faculty, staff and alumni. The event will have a red carpet entrance and a presentation of the Bateman awards, which are decided by student votes and given to an outstanding undergraduate, graduate, and faculty or staff member.

The event is organized by the Marriott School student council along with Idon Openshaw, assistant to the Marriott School of Management dean.

Merill J. Bateman, owner of BJO Capital Management and former BYU president, will present the awards and speak during the banquet. Greg McKeown, a distinguished business writer, blogger and consultant, will also be the event’s keynote speaker. McKeown graduated from BYU with a B.A. in communications.

Keynote speaker, Greg McKeown, graduated from BYU.
Keynote speaker Greg McKeown graduated from BYU.

President Robert Carroll, of the Marriott School of Management student council, looks forward to hearing what McKeown has to share.

“We look forward to his remarks on living a balanced and successful life,” Carroll said.

Event and Venue Management Club president, Breck Laing, expects the banquet to be a fun experience for students.

“This is a great place for graduating undergrad and graduate students to come and celebrate their time in the (Marriott School of Management),” Laing said, “Continuing students can become more connected with (Marriott School of Management), network with students, faculty/staff, and alumni.”

Laing suggests students to register early and not wait.

“It is best if they register early; get the early-bird discount,” Laing said.

Check-in and photos will start at 6 p.m. and dinner will be served from 7 to 8:30 p.m. The registration deadline for the event is March 27.

All current students in the Marriott School of Management and guests are invited to attend. Registration costs $10 for students and $25 for alumni. Business dress is appropriate.

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