Denver University soccer ties game in final five minutes


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The Denver University men’s soccer team tied the game against BYU in the final five minutes, ending the game tied at 1–1.

The soccer preseason began on Saturday with BYU’s Colby Bauer scoring the first and only goal for the Cougars. Although there were only two goals the entire game, the referees were sure to call every penalty.

Two red cards and three yellow cards were given throughout the game. The Denver University coach was disappointed with the first red card after Bauer was tripped. After a heated exchange between the Denver University team and the referees, the coach returned to his bench.

Bauer scored within the first five minutes of the game, after three crosses in front of the goal.
Lakip, Bauer, Junca, and Henderson celebrate Colby Bauer's first goal of the season. (photo credit: Whitnie Soelberg)
The BYU men’s soccer team celebrates Colby Bauer’s first goal of the season. (Photo by Whitnie Soelberg)
“I got very tired quickly,” Bauer said. “When we’re working as a team we need to find a better system so I can stay healthy.”
Denver University answered Bauer’s goal with five minutes left in the game. The BYU crowd cheered on the Cougars until the end, but the game ended in a tie between the two teams.
“I’m a little disappointed because we sat back a little bit and let them come at us,” BYU coach Chad Sackett said.

Denver University had the most possession time; most of the game was played in the midfield or near the BYU defense. BYU had four shots on goal. All four shots were taken in the first half, as were all of the corner kicks. Denver University had five shots on goal, three of which were taken in the first half and two were taken in the final half.

“We just need to put it in the back of the net more and be more organized on defense,” Bauer said. “A lot of what we saw today on defense was a problem with forwards getting the ball too easily, so we need to be more organized in the defense.”

Heading into the regular season, the Cougars will begin to solidify their line-up.

“We kind of had the line-up before tonight,” Sackett said. “The guys we started tonight are pretty much where we want to go. We have four or five we could put into each position, so tonight’s game helped a little bit, but not a lot.”

The Cougars will continue to practice and improve before their game next Friday.
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