Day of giving in Utah

Love Utah Give Utah raised over $600,000 to help Utahns (Photo courtesy of Love Utah Give Utah
Love Utah Give Utah raised over $600,000 to help Utahns (Photo courtesy of Love Utah Give Utah)

Local Utah County charities cover many different needs, from basics like food and shelter to helping adults get better at reading and gaining job skills. But tomorrow, they’ll band together for an event called Love Utah Give Utah.

Volunteers from all the organizations will be passing out cards encouraging people to support local charities. According to Ability First director Sandra Curcio, the donations don’t need to be huge.

“People don’t have to donate a lot of money- even 5, 10 dollars; whatever they can afford to donate,” Curcio said.

The event’s website tracks the number of donations and the amount of money each of the 10 participating charities gets. The non-profit that receives the most donations will get extra money from the Community Foundation of Utah.

“At its very basic level, every non-profit is competing. But it’s not about how much money you raise. It’s about how many donors you engage,” said Craig Severinsen, Communications Director for Community Action of Utah County.

Severinsen said donations not only help people in need survive, they help them become self-sufficient.   The event will both raise money and community awareness.

“I would hope that just seeing how people are benefiting from the resources and the services that they receive that they would see the value of the organizations and what they can contribute to,” Curcio said.

The donations have been trickling in for about a week now, but tomorrow is the big day where charities hope for their big boost. If you want to donate you can go to

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