Geneva steel start-up


The Geneva Steel mill, located just west of Orem in the town of Vineyard, closed its doors in November of 2001. The land it sat on, almost 2,000 acres, has remained vacant ever since. That is about to change. The current owners, Anderson Geneva and Cottonwood Partners, announced that they are building 2 million square feet of office space there.

distant building FF

Anderson Geneva says their plans include more than 7,000 residential units to complement the new office space. UVU also purchased some of the land. They plan to turn at least 100 acres of dirt into new intramural fields for their students.

The Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Val Hale, says they are excited by the new possibilities this plan offers.

“When you think about the number of businesses, the number of people who are going to live there, its going to be pretty dramatic. It’ll be a destination place where a lot of people will go to shop and do business and live….It’s going to change the face of Utah Valley,” Hale said.

Vineyard has approved the new developments and construction will start this summer.

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