Community giving back


Low-income families in the South Salt Lake area will have food on their tables tonight all because of the help of selfless people. The food pantry went from being a warehouse with no lighting to a fully furnished facility.  With the help of a long list of donors, the community was able to fully redo it in less than a year.

The pantry is the first and only food bank open in the South Salt Lake area. And the name: The Community “Giving Back” Food Pantry truly fits. People in the area donated everything including the ceiling, paint, and plumbing. The co-founder Pastor Tee Evans says they are already helping a lot of people. Last Tuesday they served more than 100 families.

But the donations didn’t stop at the renovation; it is an ongoing process.  Utah Food Bank and many others drop off pallets full of food which are unloaded every Monday.

Volunteers then open to the public on Tuesdays and fill orders based on the needs of each person that comes in. Cynthia White is the manager of the pantry, and she works hard every week to provide food for the needy.

“We are small (and) we are on a low budget, but we need donations we need help here…So anything that anybody can do to help, we would gladly appreciate it,” said White.

Those that receive the food are already thankful for the new help.  Jesus Quinonez expressed his gratitude for The Community, “It’s a blessing, the service that they offer, it helps a lot of people.  It helps me and my family. ”

For now the pantry welcomes everyone to come in and feel the love. Whether that means a car full of food or just a hug and helping hand, they are willing to give to everyone.

“When people come it’s such a different atmosphere than most food pantries, because it’s really encouraging. That’s why I wanted to make it nice; that’s why I wanted to redo it,” said Pastor Evans.

The community currently serves every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., but with more donations they are hoping to expand to at least twice a week.

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