BYU women’s lacrosse to compete against Arizona State and University of Arizona


BYU women’s lacrosse hopes to keep its sixth place ranking when it competes in Arizona this weekend.

Arizona State has a similar record to that of BYU, losing only four of its nine games this season. Arizona State lost to Pittsburgh, a team that BYU beat 11–9 in its third game of the season. The other competitor, the University of Arizona, ranks just above ASU in the Division 1 South Conference standings. The University of Arizona is the team to beat this weekend, although its record is only 4–4.

“We’ve had a solid season so far but we know that we still have a difficult season coming up,” senior Brooke Smith said. “We can’t lose focus. Our team is smaller this year, but we’ve done a great job at making sure everyone is up to the necessary level of play to help us become successful.”

The BYU women’s lacrosse team ended its 2012 season ranked 10th at the WCLA National Tournament. The Cougars have already surpassed last season’s success, ranking sixth this 2013 season. The Cougars have a winning record, losing only three of their seven games, despite a smaller roster.

Scores of the games will be posted on the BYU women’s lacrosse website shortly after the competition.

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