BYU rugby faces Snow College


The BYU rugby B Team will face Snow College in a rescheduled game from earlier in the season.

Snow College was supposed to face off against BYU in early February, but they were unable to play due to the snowy conditions in Ephraim. This game was also originally scheduled to be played away, but BYU fans will be privileged in seeing another home game.

It has been almost two weeks since the rugby team played the physically demanding game against the New York Atheletic Club in the Champions Challenge. BYU has not played a rugby game since this loss due to another cancellation of the University of Utah game scheduled for March 16.

A BYU player runs the ball during its loss against NYAC. BYU faces snow college this week. (Photo by Sarah Hill)
A BYU player runs the ball during its loss against NYAC. BYU faces Snow College on Thursday. (Photo by Sarah Hill)

“The long break has been good,” BYU assistant coach Wayne Tarawhiti said. “Our guys can recover, and we have been doubling our effort and trying to put the boys in situations where they feel pressure.”

The loss against NYAC was difficult but a great learning experience for the Cougars as they faced the defending semi-professional champions of rugby.

“We are doing good,” senior lock TJ Allred said. “We analyzed a lot of things and figured out what we need to work on. Just knowing we can hang with NYAC is amazing.”

Snow College is not as competitive of a team as NYAC, but it is a team with size and good experience. Almost half the Snow College rugby team weighs more than 250 pounds, and half a dozen are over 300 pounds.

“We have been conditioning a lot,” sophomore center Clark Oakey said. “However, we have also been focusing on playing together as a complete team, not just relying on the play of individuals.”

BYU plays Thursday, March 21, at 6:30 p.m. on South Field. Admission is free.

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