Davis school district drug testing


Extracurricular activities are part of normal life for most high school students, but drug testing is not. The Davis School District  is  considering a policy that would make students in specific activities think twice before using.

District Athletic Director John Robison introduced the policy after parents and coaches approached him when they suspected athletes of using steroids. “We gathered enough information that indeed we felt like it was something we needed to do,” says Robison.cups FF

The  policy would mandate random drug tests for students that they consider school representatives. They want to include athletes, cheerleaders, drill team members, and student government officers. Proponents say that administrators could test up to five students each week.

School Board member Tamara Lowe says the policy is not intended  to punish students. “Its not meant to be a gotcha policy. It’s meant to say, ‘Hey there is going to be random testing, so don’t  get involved,’” says Lowe.

Davis County isn’t the first school district in the area to create a policy like this. Ogden and Weber use something similar to keep the athletes that play on their fields clean.

But not all  Davis School Board members are convinced the policy is appropriate.  Board member David Lavato says he is concerned that students will get the impression that it’s okay for those not participating in these activities to use drugs.

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