Zenrow.com making roommates easier to handle


A roommate who is unwilling to contribute to household chores, activities, rent or utilities can make college living even more complicated. This is why three college grads came together to create Zenrow.com, a free website designed to simplify paying bills between roommates.

Eric Bailey (left), Luke Langon (middle), Matt Holt (right), founders of Zenrow.com
Eric Bailey (left), Luke Langon (middle), Matt Holt (right), founders of Zenrow.com

One of the website’s creators, Matt Holt, graduated from San Diego State University and now owns multiple properties. He has dealt with his fair share of frustrated tenants.

“On occasion I will get phone calls from my tenants complaining about roommates not willing to pay bills or losing track of who owes what and expecting me to force them to pay their bills,” Holt said.

Holt’s close friends Luke Langon and Eric Bailey helped Holt create Zenrow.com, and also had to deal with stressful roommates.

“We were all hanging out one day and talked about what a hassle it was to deal with bills with roommates,” Holt said. “It was such a headache, and all of us and most of our friends had the same problem. We knew that there had to be a solution and began brainstorming ideas on how to solve this issue, and that’s where the idea of Zenrow.com came.”

When joining Zenrow.com users must go through an online application process that connects roommates to a home base where a roommate who received a bill can post what is due. The website then takes the bill and divides it evenly among tenants.

Zenrow.com works through PayPal, and users with previous PayPal accounts can easily connect it to Zenrow.com.

When BYU student Mikaylie Chevalier heard about Zenrow.com, she considered joining the website with her roommates.

“It seems like it would be more efficient than our current system of a note on the fridge,” Chevalier said. “We would be able to see who owes who or write down new debts more easily.”

Luke Langon, a graduate of UC Berkeley, also wanted to help reduce conflict with roommates and simplify the process of paying bills.

“Our new home base brings all of this together so that roommates can get everything done in one place, from anywhere, at any time,” Langon said.

The website also takes into consideration extra charges a roommate adds to the bill. For instance, if a roommate decides to watch a movie on-demand and it charges the account five dollars extra, that roommate will pay the extra cost.

“This new Zenrow website helps keep tenants organized, prompt and on the same page,” Langon said. “We’re putting smiles on roommates’ faces, and at the end of the day, happy roommates make for a successful and popular apartment complex.”

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