Criminal activity growing as it gets warmer


The Provo police department says criminal activity is growing now that it’s warming up, which means your car or bike may be a temptation for thieves around town.

“Sometimes we do have a false sense of security. Criminals hit anywhere and anytime they are unpredictable,” said Lt. Mathew Siufanua of the Provo Police Department.

The Provo crime analyst’s monthly report shows a 40 percent jump in car break-ins from December to January. That’s 59 more break-ins than the previous month. It’s an all too familiar sight for students like Kevin Todd. Todd says someone broke into his car through the window.

“There’s not much I can do about it, but I worry a little bit more than I used to because you can’t protect your windows any more than locking them and rolling them up so its like you are taking a risk,” Todd said.

Police say auto burglary and bike theft are common around Provo because people don’t keep their belongings out of sight. It gives burglars a reason to break windows, open car doors, and take anything they can get their hands on. Many of these thieves are opportunists, predators on the prowl to find easy targets.

Thieves look for opportunities to steal from cars in large parking lots, shopping malls, sporting events and other community gatherings. They usually don’t plan their break-ins.

Leaving an iPod, groceries or even a few coins can be an invitation for thieves to break-in to your car.

With the sun coming out people tend to roll their windows down, but forget to roll them back up when they park the car, which makes it really easy for a thief to get in. Police say to make sure your doors are locked and to take your spare change with you so burglars can’t see it. 

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