Police Beat



Feb. 28  An individual banned from the University was found on campus at the Marriott Center. University Police officers escorted this individual from campus and cited them for trespassing.

Mar. 1 Two individuals were found trespassing in the football stadium. They were cited and released.

Mar. 1 An individual banned from the University was discovered on campus at Heritage Halls. The individual was escorted from the campus by University Police officers and cited for trespassing.

Mar. 3 Some individuals were cited for trespassing on the roof of the Cannon Center.


Mar. 2 University Police officers responded to the Richards Building after a basketball game resulted in a brief physical altercation. Police discovered that one of the individuals involved had obtained access to the Richards Building facilities and amenities through fraud. This individual was cited for theft of services and banned from the campus for 72 hours.


Mar. 1 An unlocked bicycle was reported missing from a bike rack at the Jesse Knight Building.

Mar. 1 An individual reported that their locked bicycle was stolen from a bike rack at Helaman Halls.

Mar. 1 A backpack and its contents were stolen from a locker at the Wilkinson Student Center.

Mar. 1 A bicycle was stolen from a bike rack at the Fletcher Building. Upon investigation, they discovered that the bicycle had not been locked.

Mar. 2 An iPad was reported stolen from the WSC after the owner left it unattended. The crime is still under investigation.

Disorderly Conduct

Feb. 28 Two individuals involved in a civil litigation matter confronted one another, resulting in a brief physical altercation at the Marriott Center.


Feb. 28 A prospective student reported that a website wrongly claiming to be affiliated with BYU had them accept money on the University’s behalf. This occurred in the Joseph F. Smith Building.

Criminal Mischief

Feb. 28 Graffiti was reported by the Missionary Training Center employees. The grounds crew was notified for cleanup.


Mar. 9 An individual reported seeing the same person near the Harold B. Lee Library several times in suspicious circumstances.

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