New BYU/SA presidency gets down to business


It’s not all “Rock the Vote” parties and “Voting Kick-off” breakfasts for Brandon Beck and Erika Nash. After their big BYU/SA presidential win, they got right to work.

Though they are not taking office until spring term, for now Beck and Nash are appointing “initiative” managers who can start implementing their goals and create a foundation for when they take office.

“We are setting up meetings with Mayor (John) Curtis, Athletics, University Communications and others who will be key in the process of getting our initiatives fulfilled,” Beck said.

Brandon Beck and Erika Nash, BYU/SA president and vice president. (Photo courtesy of Brandon Beck)
Brandon Beck and Erika Nash, BYU/SA president and vice president. (Photo courtesy of Brandon Beck)

As president and vice president, respectively, Beck and Nash want to work during their time in office towards one common goal: elevating the BYU experience for as many students as possible.

“Erika and I want to make sure that the changes we make through our initiatives will ensure that the BYU experience is second to none,” Beck said. “We hope that BYU will become an even more energized and spirited place where it is easy to get involved and stay informed.”

Beck and Nash’s strongest initiatives were created around bringing BYU students together. The initiatives include: creating an “involvement hub” to make it easier for students to get involved in BYU/SA, “BYU-ifying” Provo to make it feel more like a college town, having a big end-of-year celebration and addressing predatory towing.

After winning the election, Beck and Nash said they were grateful for their amazing campaign team and all the hard work everyone put into it. Nash didn’t expect their campaign to have so many supporters.

“We had no idea so many students would rally behind our cause,” Nash said. “We owe everything to our campaign volunteers and the time and energy they contributed.”

Nash also commended Amberly Asay and Austin Jones on their campaign.

“Amberly and Austin ran an impressive campaign, and it was a privilege working alongside them,” Nash said. “We appreciate the time and effort contributed from both sides and know that BYU will be a better place because of it.”

Students who wish to get involved are invited to go to the BYU/SA office where officials will help them find a place. Having BYU/SA offices turn into the “involvement hub” will make it easier for students to get involved and have a greater impact on the student body.

“I would love to see students actively take ownership of their BYU experience and give us feedback about what they would like to see changed in the organization and on campus,” Beck said. “The moment I decided to make the BYU experience better for others it became better for me.”

For more information, contact or go to room 3400 at the Wilkinson Student Center.

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