Police end burglars’ six-month crime spree


Police arrested 22-year old Travis Draper and 26-year-old Austin Warden on Feb. 15 after a K9 unit followed footprints leaving the scene of an in-progress burglary through the snow and to the backdoor of the suspects’ residence.

Officer Rasmussen of the Provo Police obtained a warrant and found information in the residence that led him to Warden. In his information search Rasmussen found 15 items that had been pawned by Warden. These items were identified and claimed by the robbery victims. When the security footage of the pawnshop was reviewed, a second individual, Travis Draper, was seen pawning jewelry and other items with Warden. Around $30,000 worth of jewelry was stolen in total.

Austin was arrested in connection with 9 burglaries.
Austin Warden was arrested in connection with nine burglaries. (Photo courtesy Provo Police)


Travis Draper was seen in security footage pawning stolen items.
Travis Draper was seen in security footage pawning stolen items. (Photo courtesy Provo Police)

Chief Gregory of the Provo police commended the diligence, hard work and relentless follow-up of Officer Rasmussen and stated that several victims were able to have their cases solved as a result.

This arrest allowed officers to solve nine burglaries that occurred over a six-month time span.

Draper was booked on 10 counts of possession of stolen property and 10 counts of theft by deception, which were enhanced to third-degree felonies due to prior convictions. He was also booked for possession of drug paraphernalia. Warden was booked on five counts of possession of stolen property, five counts of theft by deception with priors, no seat belt and denied driver’s license.

“It was a shock to see him in the paper and on the news. It’s always a shock to see some of your best friends going through hard times in life. I think everyone wants the best for their loved ones, I hope that he finds his way in life … you just have to have faith,” said Mariana Shaw, a good friend of Draper’s.

Police have asked that everyone with additional information contact 801.852.6210.

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